CU·RA·TOR noun
\ˈkyu̇r-ˌā-tər, kyu̇-ˈrā-, ˈkyu̇r-ə-\
One who has the care and superintendence of something; especially one in charge of a museum, ZOO, or other place of exhibit.

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Ceramic Stool. Glazed ceramic in traditional grayish blue powdered celadon and copper. Lee Hun Chung (Artist)
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Made a tiny batch of special gatherer hands for new art pals.
Sometimes I worry about the art scene as being a bit of a dog eat dog environment — but some very lovely friends have shown me in the past couple of days that I’m surrounded by the best bunch of people ever.
Thanks for that, you know who you are.
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(via Lidded Vessel Dromore Ceramic Stoneware Pottery by Claywork)
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Playful Sculptures by Nathan Carter
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KOORI 花留め/ペーパーウェイト
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Studio: The Fortynine Studio
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Mould Machine
ECAL with Matteo Gonet
Tom Burns & Leila Chouiky 2013 (via Thomas Elliott Burns)
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Treto Desk
White Oak with Wax Finish.
 MOC Woodworking Designed in collaboration with Atelier de Troupe.
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the haas brothers
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Leigh Forsstrom
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cristian montesinos
In a limited process such as product design, where values like production and ergonomics respond to pre-established norms and are reproducible to infinity, “Entropía” emerges as a radical proposal that enables us to rethink the relationship between the product and the user.
“Entropía” allows the user to acquire pieces that respond to their needs: chairs, tables, stools, etc., that feature a basic and reliable design. This renounces a superficial approach to the finish, and instead opts for a succession of overlain colours, applied until every piece achieves the appropriate texture. Using this technique, the product can be anticipated but the final result cannot be predicted exactly./En un proceso acotado como es el diseño de producto, en el que valorescomo la producción o la ergonomía responden a unos parámetros prestablecidos y reproducibles hasta el infinito, el proyecto “Entropía” nace como una propuesta radical para repensar la relación entre usuario y producto.“Entropía” plantea al ususario la posibilidad de adquirir piezas que se ajustena sus necesidades: sillas, mesas, taburetes, etc., todas ellas bajo una estética básica y fiable. Se renuncia así a la elección de un acabado superficial, optando a una sucesión de colores superpuestos, tratados hasta conseguir la textura adecuada para cada pieza. Con esta técnica sólo se pueden realizar estimaciones, pero nunca predecir el resultado final.
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Scribbles Jewelry Geometric Necklace Avant Garde by GEGEMADE via etsy
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guinomi / glazed stoneware
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