CU·RA·TOR noun
\ˈkyu̇r-ˌā-tər, kyu̇-ˈrā-, ˈkyu̇r-ə-\
One who has the care and superintendence of something; especially one in charge of a museum, ZOO, or other place of exhibit.

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Material-Lust-Geometry-is-God-4 - Design Milk
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foreword – said the king / A minimal, single-serve shelf
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Occasional Loveseat / Chris Held (via Occasional Loveseat / Chris Held | WeWasteTime)
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golden leaf on concrete
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Craft and design: Grogged Vessels by Sevak Zargarian explore the liminal space between craft and design by mixing craft and industrial elements and processes during the creation of decorative objects. In the case of the Grogged series, grog (fired ceramic pieces), is mixed with the process of reverse casting to control the inside of the ceramic vessels but leave the outside of them up to the peculiarities of the process. This result in the random pattern of the grog on the throughout the body of the vessels.
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Préface, Paris - Hab Gallery, Nantes 
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